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Savvy dyes are vat dyestuffs possessing outstanding all around fastness properties on cellulosic materials. These are supplied in different forms such as U/C, H/C, Powder, Ultra Disperse, Micro fine etc., and they differ in tinctorial strength and particle size.

Principle of Application :

Savvy dyestuff supplied in the above forms are insoluble in water. These dyestuffs are rendered soluble in to their water soluble leuco compound by reduction with sodium hydrosulphite in the presence of caustic soda. Only in this form they are taken up by the material to be dyed. The leuco form is reconverted to the original insoluble dyestuff by the oxidation proces these by fixing the dyestuff on the fibre.

Procedure for dyeing:

(A) Exhaust Dyeing Process:
Indigold type of dyestuffs, suh as SAVVY Magenta B Pdr. ad SAVVY Pink R PDR. are to be vatted in concentrated vat only, where as the other can also be vatted in the long loquor. While vatting ensure that the dyestuff has gone into solution completely. Vatting is carried out as per table A.

After vatting the filtered leuco solution is poured through a muslin cloth into the dyebath previously set with the requisite quantities of chemical as er table C or Table D and dyed as per the temperature and time prescribed.

(B) Padding Process:
This Process is generally used for dyeing fabric where better penetration and leveling is desired. Normlly, M/F and U/D forms of Savvy dyestuffs are recommended for padding. Other forms can be used by the Vat-acid method. The Padded fabric is developed by the Vat-acid method. The padded fabric is developed by the semi continuous or continuous method. The major sequence for important padding processes are as follows :

Data Chart 1
Data Chart 2

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