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Available Dyed Polyster Yarn for Exports only



Savvy 'C', 'H' & 'PN' Brand Dyestuffs :

(Cyanuric Chloride based) are fibre reactive dyes which form a chemical linkage with hydroxyl groups of cellulose and thus give dyeings of very good fastness to wet treatments.

"C" Brands are applicable from cold bath while "H" & "PN" Brands are to be applied at temperature of about 80ºC. Both these brands are suitable for dyeing and printing of cotton, viscose, cuprammonium rayon and natural silk.

Savvyzol Dyestuffs :

(Vinyl Sulphone based reactive dyes) are suitable for padding processes due to their high solubility even in presence of alkali. These dyes can also be used to all conventinal exhustion methods by addition of Glauber's/Common Salt and alkali.

Procedure for Dyeing with 'C' Brand Savvyfix Dyes :

Receive cold water in the dye-bath (Recommended m/l ratio 1 to 15), add required quantity of common salt or glauber salt. Paste requisite Savvyfix 'C' brand dye with water and dissolve by adding waterat 45º C to the same. Add dissolved dye to the dyebath. Enter material, at 30º C run for 15 to 20 minutes, squueze, wash with water and soap at boil with 2 g/l soap, wash with water and dry. Soaping treatment is highly essential remove unfixed dye to produce dyeings of high washing fastness.


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