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Pigment Emulsions are dispersed organic pigment used for textile printing. The pastes are specially processed to obtain excellent dispersion and can be easily stirred into textile binder without further grinding.

Savvycron Pigment Emulsions give high purity of tone and brilliant shades on fabrics with suitable binders. These pastes can be intermixed to get a varity of shades without any difficulty.

The Preparation of printing paste is very simple and paste has very good flow property. The Prints obtained are characterised by high brillancy and soft handle. It has good washing and rubbing fastness.

General Receipe for Printing Paste (Based on oil in water emulsion principle)
Printing Binder : 10 Parts
Water : 10 Parts
Urea : 3 Parts
Mineral Trupentine / Kerosene
(Added under high speed stirring)
: 70 Parts
Savvycron Pigment Emulsion : 4 Parts
Diamonium Phosphate 1 : 1
(Acid Liberating agent to help curing)
: 3 Parts
: 100 Parts

The printed cloth is dried in air or steam heated rollers at 80º - 90º C for a sufficient period of time to expel the solvent. Full fixation is obtained in dry heat at 145º - 150ºC for 4 minutes.

The fastness properties of the prints is related to the quality of binders. We recommend the ration of 1:3 between the SAVVYCRON to good quality binder and minimum 7% to 10% Binders for pale shades.


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